Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biggest Loser discussion group: Icky Vicky and the Blue Meanies

I posted this over at Examiner.com, but I'm also going to start posting my stuff here as well.

I'll just admit it -- I do not like Vicky. She's more interested in playing the game than in getting healthy. Although it could all be in the editing.

Bob had a little challenge with his team -- the person who runs the farthest in three minutes on the treadmill gets a "banana fudge sundae." I already figured out they wouldn't be diving into the real thing. C'mon, it's a new Jell-O pudding flavor! (And actually it is pretty good.)

All the eliminated contestants have returned and one of them will be rejoining the competition by winning the challenge. Coleen's dad had to work so he couldn't join in. Amy C. lost 47 pounds, yet evil Vicky didn't applaud for her! And then she said Phil shouldn't come back because he lost the most weight. Meanie! Phil was having none of her evil vibes. And what evil vibes!

NBC photo

The challenge: It's step aerobics ... from hell. They had to do 1,000 steps. Heba was shrieking at her husband (shut up!) to go faster, and it paid off because Ed won. Stacey came really close but didn't win, which would have been nice because she's a nice person.

(Note to self: Don't pull Bob's leg. He DOESN'T like it.)

Then our old pal Ali Vincent walks in! Last season's winner introduced Prevention magazine's nutrition director Cynthia Sass, who dished out tips on portion control and healthy substitutions.

Jillian doesn't want to lose so she "BEAT THE CRAP" out of her trio at the last-chance workout.

Weigh-in: Very good numbers from everyone this week. It was Michelle's goal to get to One-derland this week and she did, with bells on! She hit 194 pounds. I will be kind to Icky Vicky and salute her 8 pound loss and entree into One-derland but she's still a smug, little meanie.

Elimination: Right here, right now, there was no time to deliberate. The players moved from the weigh-in room to the elimination room. Brady seemed to have it in the bag with the Blue Team but Amy flipped and sent Brady off. The vote was tied but he lost the lower percentage of weight, so buh-bye.


OK, gloating time over. Didn't Brady look incredible at the end. He's down 100 pounds. Wow -- next week looks juicy. Apparently Vicky exacts revenge.

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Nikki said...

I was so disappointed that Ed came back. He may be a nice guy, but his wife is stinkin' scary. I think he was scared to lose after the way she was yelling at him.

I was hoping Heba or Icky Vicky would would be below the yellow line. I did not want to see Michelle go. She is seems so sweet and has tackled so many issues. She needs this. Then when Amy jumped ship and voyed Brady...I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Way to Go!!!! I am worried for her because I think Vicky probably is a little psycho.

tisha85 said...

HOOO-frickin'-RAY! HOORAY! I'm so proud of Amy for voting Brady off. I think she realized that if she falls below the yellow line the blue team will NOT save her butt. I'm very disappointed that Vicky, Heba, and Ed (and Brady) have played the game with such malicious intent. They're evil. Or as Bob so politely called Vicky in a recent episode, Shakespearean. I'm certain that means bee-yatch.