Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Biggest Loser discussion group: Revenge is best served with steamed broccoli

Fitting that the show starts out with a shot of the pool since the show has become like an episode of Melrose Place. So what did Icky Vicky's sign say?

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
I will not rest until that lying B!TCH is out of this house.
NBC photo

OMG, how much do we hate Vicky??? I am so embarrassed that I own the same sneakers as her. Loved the talk that Bob had with Amy. Wow, Bob actually understands the premise of the show: to lose weight and get healthy. Hear that, Biggest Loser Vicky loserpants?

Next Ali tools up in a Delorean dressed in hideous '80s garb. It was not a good fashion decade. Ed was awesome in his short-shorts and sweatband. A little word about '80s aerobic shoes -- total unsupportive crap. Both teams silly retro workouts involving breakdancing, step aerobics and Flashdance moves. Bob tries to bring the fractured Blue Team together but Vicky's having none of it. Let it go, Crazy Lady!

The challenge: They're holding onto 50 percent of their body weight and answering fitness questions. The losers get a Flashdance splash. Michelle won by convincing her mom to let go of the bucket.

Bob once again pleaded with Icky Vicky to bury the hatchet but she's not droppin' it. Jillian, on the other hand, led the most sadistic spin class I've ever seen. And then she showed them the wonders of plastic bags.

Read more at my Examiner column HERE. (The link is fixed now.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gail -
Loved the post, and tried to read the entire column but the link doesn't work.
As to the show, I have stopped watching because of Vicky and Heba and the negative way it portrays women who should be focused on weight loss and health and supporting each other - not tearing each other down. It's just not a healthy form of competition. I'm sure others have also stopped watching.
Keep up the skinnY!

tisha85 said...

Thanks for posting a discussion group here. I need to vent and I'm trying to find all the outlets! :)
Icky Vicky, indeed. I'm thinking Amy could portray the Scarecrow in a Wizard of Oz revival because she needs a brain too! What was she thinking? That was her chance to send that evil woman home! I'm only watching as long as Michelle and Rene are on board. Once they're gone the TV is off. ARRRGGGGG!!!